Calceiform by Hunter Hammersen

Pattern on Ravelry: Calceiform.

Designer: Hunter Hammersen.

Sizes Included: They’re written in three sizes (50, 54, or 58 stitches around the ball of the foot), and you should feel free to adjust your gauge a bit to fine tune the fit. Just be sure that you’re working at a gauge that gives you a dense, sturdy fabric with your chosen yarn!

I recommend working at something around 6, 6.5, or 7 stitches per inch (and remember you’ll want a firm fabric so they feel more substantial than socks…you’ll probably be using smaller needles than you would expect to use with your chosen yarn), and I’ve included a table to help you figure out what gauge you’ll want to use for your size.

With that range of sizes and gauges, the slippers will fit a foot (measured around the ball of the foot) between 7.75 and 10.75 inches (with lots of points in between).

About the Pattern: We’ve discussed this before. I am not a fancy shoe person. I am a cozy slippers, tucked up at home in my pajamas, how about another glass of hot chocolate, let’s not leave the house for days person. And in order to be the happiest version of that person I can be, I need slippers. Lots and lots of slippers.

These totally fit the bill. They’re fun to put together (if you’ve ever knit a top down sock with a heel flap, a lot of this will feel familiar…and if you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s totally not hard), they look great (I’m a sucker for a leaf pattern), and they feel great. And if you do happen to have to leave your house, they’re easy to bring along with you to slip into if the opportunity to get cozy should arise.

Last Note: I love to bring a pair of these with me in my purse when I go to someone else’s house…that way if I want to take off my shoes (it’s snowy here a lot, shoes make a mess), I have something cozy to wear!