Persephone by Caitlin ffrench

Pattern on Ravelry: Persohone

Designer: Caitlin ffrench

Photographer: Brutally Beautiful Photography

Sizes Included: S, m, l, xl with notes on how to rewrite it for any body size

About the Pattern: I’ve got a place in my heart for black yarns knit loosely- I think it has to do with my witch heart, but I really just wanted a sheer basic top that I can wear spring through fall as I run on the warmer side. The inspiration came from a photograph on Pinterest that I found of a fence beside the ocean!

Last Note: I was holding out on publishing this pattern for over a year- I had too much stress around garment design and the process of writing patterns to fit all bodies. I hope I hit the mark on this one with the notes on how to change it to fit your body- in my grown up life I’ve had problems finding clothes to fit my 6 foot tall frame and my looooong arms.
Also the other model (Nomi Chi) is a good friend, and really talented artist. They’re a painter, illustrator, and tattooer (who works with my husband at Gastown Tattoo)