Steggie by Noriko Ho

Pattern on Ravelry: Steggie

Designer: Noriko Ho

Photographer: Bret Barkelew

Sizes Included: Small: 55” [140cm] wide x 18.5” [47cm] tall (Large): 72” [183cm] wide x 19” [48cm] tall

About the Pattern: My inspiration for this shawl comes from my dissatisfaction with other “scrap” projects.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of scrappy blankets going, and have definitely done hats and socks, but none of them satisfied my itch to use up a lot of scraps in a manner that I felt I’d want to show off my final project.
Steggie managed to hit all the points I felt like I was missing with a lot of the scrap patterns:  it uses up your scraps in entirety, no planning is needed to get started (arranging colors beforehand can be done, but is not necessary), it eats up a lot of yardage, it’s an item I will wear often, the size is easily adjustable…
I’ve managed to knit up two, so far, and am currently working on a third.  I’m loving that I get to use up my scraps (and minis); it’s making me look at my massive scrap yarn collection in a completely different way.

Last Note: Steggie is so named because of the fun lace edging that appears as you work your shawl… I think it looks like the spines along a stegosaurus!