The Naturalist’s Mitts by Sabine Kastner

Pattern on Ravelry: The Naturalist’s Mitts

Designer: Sabine Kastner

Sizes Included: One Size

About the Pattern: The prototype of this design was almost a bit of an accident – I had this idea of a pair of brioche cuffs, but it didn’t work out as I wanted and I was left to the choice of either frogging everything or coming up with a new decorative edging over my given stitch count. I decided to continue and liked the resulting pattern so much that I used it to design a fingerless glove (with a beautiful line of increases around the thumb, which you can’t see in the picture).
The yarn I used is a light fingering weight, but brioche knitting is great for experimenting with different yarn weights and gauges – try heavier yarn to obtain a really squishy fabric, and play with your favourite colours for a striking effect!

Last Note: These mitts are named after Maria Sibylla Merian, born in 1647, who was both an artist and a researcher: At a time when the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies was unknown to most people, she developed a deep fascination for insects and eventually undertook an extraordinary expedition to Surinam that resulted in her chief work – a magnificent volume with 60 coloured engravings featuring tropical plants and insects. I played a bit with this theme when taking the photographs for this design.