Dip Stitch Variants by Hunter Hammersen

Pattern on Ravelry: Dip Stitch Variants

Designer: Hunter Hammersen

Sizes Included: These are stitch patterns, like entries in a stitch dictionary, so they don’t really have sizes.

About the Pattern: When I create a design, I usually play around with a bunch of different versions of the stitches before settling on the one I use for the pattern. Sometimes the variations go on to be other patterns, but more often they just hang out in my swatch basket, unseen by anyone. That’s no fun… especially when the stitches are as pretty as these! I decided that this time I was going to indulge myself and include them as a special little mini stitch dictionary. Because these really are too lovely to keep to myself. I can’t wait to see what people make with them!

Last Note: Because of the way these stitches are created, they often look just as pretty on both sides (which makes them perfect for cowls)!