Hawthorne Ridge by Ama Marie

Pattern on Ravelry: Hawthorne Ridge

Designer: Ama Marie

Sizes Included: Shawlette: 56″ width x 16″ depth, Shawl: 76″ width x 20″ depth

About the Pattern: I saw these two colorways  and thought they begged to be put together for a fall themed piece.  I took inspiration from a tree’s bark, branches, and leaves, alternated textured stitches and lace, for a beautiful and romantic crescent shawl and named it after an area within Brown County, Indiana, which is famous for its fall color. I love the size of the full shawl and the way the ends spiral, but the pattern also includes a 1 skein shawlette size for year-round wear.

Last Note: All of my patterns so far have been inspired by the different regions and features of my home state of Indiana.