Concentric Cowl by Michele Lee Bernstein

Pattern on Ravelry: Concentric Cowl

Designer: Michele Lee Bernstein/PDXKnitterati

Sizes Included: 24” circumference by 14” unscrunched, 6” scrunched, easily adjustable

About the Pattern: I saw this beautiful gradient yarn cake from Knit Circus, and I was smitten. I knew it wanted to be a cowl, and I wanted to make a springy, boingy fabric to capture warmth for chilly days. Knit in the round in worsted weight, it practically jumped off my needles! The only thing that slowed me down was that I frogged it when it was half done, because I decided to add a little secret lace in the knit sections for both ventilation and visual interest. The cowl is tall enough that it can be pulled up and worn like a hood/snood.

Last Note: I knit this with a 150g/277 yard worsted weight gradient cake. It seems like a lot of yarn for a cowl, but the spring action means that it can be both short and tall. I had so much fun playing with its boingy properties, I almost named it Concertina!