Cardelina Sweater by Pauline Walter

Pattern on Ravelry: Cardelina Sweater

Designer: Pauline Walter

Photographer: Sarah Jeanine Waber

Sizes Included: Five sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL).

About the Pattern: Sometime you wish something strongly. The other day I wished a pink pullover with cables and turtle neck. So I designed Cardelina. It is, really, a comfy sweater, with a good classic length, reasonable ease (10-12 cm), long sleeves, armholes large enough to host another piece underneath, a nice turtleneck and a so lovely cable pattern, front and back. I just like it! And I hope you will like it too…
It is worked in the round from bottom to top until the armholes. Then front and back are worked separately and rejoined at the shoulders by a three needle bind off. Stitches are picked up at the armholes and sleeves worked in round to the wrist. Nothing complicated but an intuitive cable pattern to entertain you.

Last Note: All my sweater patterns are names after birds. This one is a little passerine bird with a red or pink head, rather common in the new world and so sweet. Its real name is Cardellina rubrifrons (the red-faced warbler). It looks so sweet that I dedicate my pink pullover to him (dropping one L of its name for simplicity!)