Help Spread the Word

I hope you’re enjoying Knitting Pattern of the Day as much as I enjoy putting together posts. Thus far, the majority of the patterns featured have been from designers I reached out to, but my hope is to grow the website enough that I get an equal number of submissions from designers I don’t know, so I can discover new patterns, too. To make that happen, this website needs a larger audience, and that’s where you can help! If you’ve liked the project so far, please tell a friend or two. And if a friend sent you here and you want to support KPotD as well, tell two more friends. It might feel small, but if everyone does it, it can have a big affect, and that’s the secret to growing a website like this.

We’ll get back to your regularly scheduled knitting patterns tomorrow.


Coming Soon

Knitting Pattern of the Day is a new website featuring the latest designs from indie designers. The knitting scene is bombarded with new designs everyday, and Knitting Pattern of the Day will give you a taste of that by showing off a new pattern every day that was published within the last month.

Designers are welcome to submit starting now, and patterns will begin being shared on August 1st.