Hither by Hunter Hammersen

Pattern on Ravelry: Hither

Designer: Hunter Hammersen

Sizes Included: Written in three sizes and three gauges to fit most anyone, at 6 spi, fits a wrist of about 6.75 [7.25, 8] inches.

About the Pattern: There’s something about knitted leaves. They’re more charming than they have any right to be, and they look impressive but are actually super easy to make. Charming and easy…that’s pretty much what I’m looking for in my knitting! And these mitts totally fit the bill.
The leafy lace runs up your wrist, and splits around your thumb (who says you have to keep all the fancy bits on the back of your cuffs?), and joins back up at the top of your hand. The rest of the cuff, including the gorgeous mirrored thumb, is in lovely crisp ribbing (so it fits great and is easy to work).
The whole thing makes for the sort of mellow, meditative project that’s fun to make and looks absolutely fabulous when you’re done.

Last Note: Fingerless mitts are some of my favorite gift knits… They’re quick, easy to fit, and non-knitters are universally impressed with them!

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