Hither by Hunter Hammersen

Pattern on Ravelry: Hither

Designer: Hunter Hammersen

Sizes Included: Written in three sizes and three gauges to fit most anyone, at 6 spi, fits a wrist of about 6.75 [7.25, 8] inches.

About the Pattern: There’s something about knitted leaves. They’re more charming than they have any right to be, and they look impressive but are actually super easy to make. Charming and easy…that’s pretty much what I’m looking for in my knitting! And these mitts totally fit the bill.
The leafy lace runs up your wrist, and splits around your thumb (who says you have to keep all the fancy bits on the back of your cuffs?), and joins back up at the top of your hand. The rest of the cuff, including the gorgeous mirrored thumb, is in lovely crisp ribbing (so it fits great and is easy to work).
The whole thing makes for the sort of mellow, meditative project that’s fun to make and looks absolutely fabulous when you’re done.

Last Note: Fingerless mitts are some of my favorite gift knits… They’re quick, easy to fit, and non-knitters are universally impressed with them!

Stradbally Mitts by Sabrina Schumacher

Pattern on Ravelry: Stradbally mitts

Designer: Sabrina Schumacher

Sizes Included: hand circumference: S (M, L) / 16.5 (19, 21.5) cm / 6.5 (7.5, 8.5)”

About the Pattern: Big winds and waves have transformed the Irish Brandon Bay into one of Europe’s premier kite surfing destinations. Stradbally is one of the towns at the bay. Inspired by the place, these mitts are rustic and soft at the same time. They’re worked in half fisherman’s rib with the thick plain-knitted ribs giving way to one wave.
The mitts are worked bottom-up. Starting with a provisional tubular cast-on and k1, p1 ribbing, the stitch pattern switches to half fisherman’s rib with a relief formed by cabling. The pattern showcases not only semi-solids, but also variegated one-of-a-kind yarns.

Last Note: I name my patterns after places I know through kite surfing or paragliding. I spent 2 week in Stradbally at the beach with my camper-van. A year ago I released the matching hat pattern with The Fibre Co, an Irish yarn company. For me a perfect match of inspiration and yarn – all from Ireland.

The Naturalist’s Mitts by Sabine Kastner

Pattern on Ravelry: The Naturalist’s Mitts

Designer: Sabine Kastner

Sizes Included: One Size

About the Pattern: The prototype of this design was almost a bit of an accident – I had this idea of a pair of brioche cuffs, but it didn’t work out as I wanted and I was left to the choice of either frogging everything or coming up with a new decorative edging over my given stitch count. I decided to continue and liked the resulting pattern so much that I used it to design a fingerless glove (with a beautiful line of increases around the thumb, which you can’t see in the picture).
The yarn I used is a light fingering weight, but brioche knitting is great for experimenting with different yarn weights and gauges – try heavier yarn to obtain a really squishy fabric, and play with your favourite colours for a striking effect!

Last Note: These mitts are named after Maria Sibylla Merian, born in 1647, who was both an artist and a researcher: At a time when the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies was unknown to most people, she developed a deep fascination for insects and eventually undertook an extraordinary expedition to Surinam that resulted in her chief work – a magnificent volume with 60 coloured engravings featuring tropical plants and insects. I played a bit with this theme when taking the photographs for this design.