Concentric Cowl by Michele Lee Bernstein

Pattern on Ravelry: Concentric Cowl

Designer: Michele Lee Bernstein/PDXKnitterati

Sizes Included: 24” circumference by 14” unscrunched, 6” scrunched, easily adjustable

About the Pattern: I saw this beautiful gradient yarn cake from Knit Circus, and I was smitten. I knew it wanted to be a cowl, and I wanted to make a springy, boingy fabric to capture warmth for chilly days. Knit in the round in worsted weight, it practically jumped off my needles! The only thing that slowed me down was that I frogged it when it was half done, because I decided to add a little secret lace in the knit sections for both ventilation and visual interest. The cowl is tall enough that it can be pulled up and worn like a hood/snood.

Last Note: I knit this with a 150g/277 yard worsted weight gradient cake. It seems like a lot of yarn for a cowl, but the spring action means that it can be both short and tall. I had so much fun playing with its boingy properties, I almost named it Concertina!

Tolt River Cowl by Andrea Rangel

Pattern on Ravelry: Tolt River Cowl

Designer: Andrea Rangel

Photographer: Kayla Sorley

Sizes Included: DK Circumference: 20 in/51 cm – Worsted Circumference: 19.25 in/49 cm

About the Pattern: The rhythmic geometry of this colorful cowl is perfect for colorwork beginners, and fantastic for using up stash leftovers. The two versions — two-color worsted or four-color DK — are both perfect canvasses for playing with palettes. Make it boldly bright, subtly neutral, modernly monochrome, or however your heart desires. Tolt River Cowl is a quick knit, and a perfect gift for the color lover in your life.

Last Note: Since this pattern was designed to be a great first colourwork project, there are a series of blog posts taking the knitter through each step.

Burley Scarf by Leela Frankcombe

Pattern on Ravelry: Burley Scarf

Designer: Leela Frankcombe

Sizes Included: One size (20 cm/7.75″ wide by 185 cm/73″ long)

About the Pattern: As is usual for my design process, I had the idea for how this scarf should look a long time before I had figured out how I could actually get it to work in yarn. It took a fair bit of trial and error before the knitted object looked as good as the one in my imagination!
In the end, the design I came up with uses two colour brioche, making for a thick, warm, striking looking fabric. The two ends of the scarf are decorated with a section of syncopated brioche, where the two colours alternate sides. The middle of the scarf is ordinary two colour brioche, giving the scarf an understated style and making it suitable for all occasions for both men and women.

Last Note: The name of this pattern (and that of the matching hat) comes from a lake in my old home town of Canberra, Australia. The yarn I used was dyed by a Canberra based indie dyer who chose colours inspired by the city. It does get pretty cold in Canberra in winter, so I think this scarf would be right at home there.

Dip Stitch Variants by Hunter Hammersen

Pattern on Ravelry: Dip Stitch Variants

Designer: Hunter Hammersen

Sizes Included: These are stitch patterns, like entries in a stitch dictionary, so they don’t really have sizes.

About the Pattern: When I create a design, I usually play around with a bunch of different versions of the stitches before settling on the one I use for the pattern. Sometimes the variations go on to be other patterns, but more often they just hang out in my swatch basket, unseen by anyone. That’s no fun… especially when the stitches are as pretty as these! I decided that this time I was going to indulge myself and include them as a special little mini stitch dictionary. Because these really are too lovely to keep to myself. I can’t wait to see what people make with them!

Last Note: Because of the way these stitches are created, they often look just as pretty on both sides (which makes them perfect for cowls)!

Allie by Jennifer Wood

Pattern on Ravelry: Allie

Designer: Jennifer Wood of Wood House Knits

Photographer: Gabby Dalton

Sizes Included: Finished blocked measurements: 86″/218.5 cm long x 24″/61 cm at wide end and 13”/33 cm at narrow end.

About the Pattern: This design was inspired by the beautiful pink speckled yarn, My Cheri Amor by Three Irish Girls. I thought this yarn so lovely I just had to make something with it! I decided on a striped shawl starting with a mosaic boarder just for fun. Because I can tend to get bored with Garter stitch I worked the shawl on an asymmetrical bias. I love the way that this adds interest to both the knitting and the stripes. I really enjoyed making this shawl, it was so fun to watch the color play as you knit!

Last Note: This was the first time I had tried mosaic knitting. I found it to be easier than it looks!