Scintillation by Hunter Hammersen

Pattern on Ravelry: Scintillation

Designer: Hunter Hammersen

Sizes Included: 3 sizes, to make stars of about 1, 3, or 5 inches across (exact size varies with gauge)

About the Pattern: You know those bits of gorgeous yarn left over from your favorite projects? The ones you just can’t bear to throw away? Well why not turn them into a pile of adorable little stars! Each one takes only a few yards of yarn (these took between 10 & 30 yards each) and about two hours to knit.
That’s about as close to instant gratification as knitting gets! As for what you’ll do with them?
Well that’s limited only by your imagination! I suspect you’ll want to make a bunch and you’ll come up with no end of ideas for what to do with them!
And I promise they’re quick and easy! If you’ve never made something 3D before, don’t worry. I’ve got a three-page photo tutorial showing you every step of the process. And I’ve included all sorts of helpful tips on everything from what to fill them with to how to block them (seriously, there’s a blocking guide you can print out and use if you’re feeling fancy) to how to weave in your ends. You can totally do this!

Last Note: The pattern includes three sizes and three different stitch textures (stockinette, reverse stockinette, and ribbing), so you’ve got lots and lots of options for what to make (18 different possible combos if I have my math right). I’ve knit about two dozen, and I still want to make more!