Ode to Spring by Abby Moreland

Pattern on Ravelry: Ode to Spring

Designer: Abby Moreland of More Knits

Sizes Included: One size: 58″ (150 cm) x 23.5″ (60 cm)

About the Pattern: This fingering weight symmetrical triangle shawl is knit bottom-up in garter stitch stripes and two-color brioche. This is the perfect project for knitters who love mindless knitting, but who can also get bored knitting the same thing over and over, because of the breaks of brioche in between the garter.

Last Note: This shawl took me eight months to design because it morphed from a complex fully brioche lace scarf into a straightforward shawl with simple lines. In the end, I realized simple is often better for my design style; I wanted the yarn to take the spotlight, and the way to do that with this design was to step back and let it do what it really wanted, instead of forcing it into submission.

Chamomile Dreams by Susanna Winter

Pattern on Ravelry: Chamomile Dreams

Designer: Susanna Winter

Sizes Included: Small [Large]

About the Pattern:  This shawl is my ode to those sunny summer days that seem to go on forever and ever. Chamomile Dreams is a bright and happy shawl worked in two colors of luscious merino singles. The shawl features stockinette and simple, flowery lace. But don’t drift into dreamland just yet because there’s a little trick to this lace: it’s worked on both sides of the shawl.

Last Note: I knit this shawl during the hottest summer in memory. Thank goodness for the long, golden days of August when it’s finally starting to turn a bit cooler… so I can wear it!

Steggie by Noriko Ho

Pattern on Ravelry: Steggie

Designer: Noriko Ho

Photographer: Bret Barkelew

Sizes Included: Small: 55” [140cm] wide x 18.5” [47cm] tall (Large): 72” [183cm] wide x 19” [48cm] tall

About the Pattern: My inspiration for this shawl comes from my dissatisfaction with other “scrap” projects.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of scrappy blankets going, and have definitely done hats and socks, but none of them satisfied my itch to use up a lot of scraps in a manner that I felt I’d want to show off my final project.
Steggie managed to hit all the points I felt like I was missing with a lot of the scrap patterns:  it uses up your scraps in entirety, no planning is needed to get started (arranging colors beforehand can be done, but is not necessary), it eats up a lot of yardage, it’s an item I will wear often, the size is easily adjustable…
I’ve managed to knit up two, so far, and am currently working on a third.  I’m loving that I get to use up my scraps (and minis); it’s making me look at my massive scrap yarn collection in a completely different way.

Last Note: Steggie is so named because of the fun lace edging that appears as you work your shawl… I think it looks like the spines along a stegosaurus!

Milu by Tamy Gore

Pattern on Ravelry: Milu

Designer: Tamy Gore

Sizes Included: OS

About the Pattern: A whimsical shawl with some simple colorwork and slip stitches, Milu is a great intro for beginners, as well as a fun throwback for those further along in this knitting journey. I love how simple Fair Isle created a look that seems more complicated than it actually is! And who doesn’t love some fun tassels?

Last Note: To date, this has been a favorite of mine, as I had never created a look like this before – funny thing is, it took me forever to choose the right colors even though I had no idea at the time that I would create something like this. I had a lot of help at the LYS as I searched for the right colors and even met a few new friends, which is a beauty and a commonality in this knitting community. 🙂

Bubblegum Spice by Kat Riddell

Pattern on Ravelry: Bubblegum Spice

Designer: Kat Riddell

Sizes Included: Finished measurements are 67in/170cm across and 32in/81cm deep

About the Pattern: Bubblegum Spice is the perfect extra layer by a campfire on a cool summer night or tucked up against your neck under your winter coat. Ideal for showing off your favorite hand-dyed yarns, Bubblegum Spice is worked from the center top down with edge and center increases on every RS row. The chevron lace body transitions to a diamond border.

Last Note: When I first saw this yarn in my LYS, I immediately thought, “Bubblegum Spice!” I have no clue why those two words popped into my brain, but I knew that something that fun to say had to be a keeper!