Lauha by Anna Johanna

Pattern on Ravelry: Lauha

Designer: Anna Johanna

Sizes Included: XXS-XS-S (M1-M2-L1) L2-XL-XXL

About the Pattern: Lauha is a classic Henley sweater with romantic lace trimmings. Pour yourself a cup of tea and sit on the windowsill dreaming of times past. The sleeves are a fun hybrid of saddle shoulders and raglan sleeves. And the cuffs and hem feature a few rows of garter stitch with a picot bind off in addition to the contrast color lace trimmings.

Last Note: I often get told by fellow knitters that I have a very romantic style. I usually don’t see it that much myself, but with this one, it’s loud and clear.

Lilium by Megan Nodecker

Pattern on Ravelry: Lilium

Designer: Megan Nodecker

Sizes Included: XS (S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X); 30.5 (34.25, 38, 43, 46.5, 50.25, 54, 57.75, 61.25)” finished bust measurement

About the Pattern: This top-down tee uses fingering weight merino/silk yarn to create an easy, everyday garment. Knit in the round, Lilium combines multiple techniques, some you may know and some you may not! (But don’t worry, everything’s explained in the pattern and there’s links to video tutorials as well!)

Last Note: When my sister and I walked down to the beach to do the photography for this top, it was hot out, but the sky was only slightly overcast. Five minutes in, it started to pour rain, thunder and lightning. We did the photos as quick as we could but by the end we were both soaked to the bone! As were the 3 month old, 2 toddlers and 1 husband we brought with us.

Floozy by Libby Jonson

Pattern on Ravelry: Floozy

Designer: Libby Jonson (Truly Myrtle)

Sizes Included: Bust circ. closed and buttoned: 32.5 (36, 40.25, 43.75, 48) (52, 56.25, 59.75)“ /81.5 (90, 100.5, 109.5, 120) (130, 140.5, 149.5) cm

About the Pattern: This one has been a long time in the planning and the making and I’m so excited and relieved to finally be showing her off to you! There are lots of things to love about Floozy. Floozy is the cardigan for dancing, dreaming and feeling fabulous. She’s bold, she’s beautiful, she’s fantastic over dresses and skirts and wonderful teamed with boots and trousers. Plus, she’s worked from the top down so you can try her on as you go. The colourwork is a breeze! It’s all slipped stitches so you only ever work one colour per row. Work back and forth to create the striking yoke and then ease into soothing stocking stitch for the body and sleeves.

Last Note: She includes a bunch of sizes and options so you can make her fit like a dream. Have fun deciding whether to make a fitted version like my beautifully dreamy pink cardy or relaxed fit with get up and go like my punchy gold one. Fancy long sleeves? No problem, instructions included. A shorter body? That’s included too.

Girona Top by Gina Baglia

Pattern on Ravelry: Girona Top

Designer: Gina Baglia (Inorgaknit Designs)

Photographer: Alyse Liang

Sizes Included: S (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL) [34 (38, 42, 46, 50, 54)”]

About the Pattern: This color-blocked summer top is knit bottom-up in two pieces, then seamed together at the sides. The shoulders are connected by a 3-needle bind off, and it contains a lace edging on either the back or front (depending on how it’s worn!). It’s reversible!

Last Note: The pattern is named after the city in Catalunya (Spain). My husband is from a little town outside of the city and we visit at least once a year. It’s gorgeous and totally underrated!

Persephone by Caitlin ffrench

Pattern on Ravelry: Persohone

Designer: Caitlin ffrench

Photographer: Brutally Beautiful Photography

Sizes Included: S, m, l, xl with notes on how to rewrite it for any body size

About the Pattern: I’ve got a place in my heart for black yarns knit loosely- I think it has to do with my witch heart, but I really just wanted a sheer basic top that I can wear spring through fall as I run on the warmer side. The inspiration came from a photograph on Pinterest that I found of a fence beside the ocean!

Last Note: I was holding out on publishing this pattern for over a year- I had too much stress around garment design and the process of writing patterns to fit all bodies. I hope I hit the mark on this one with the notes on how to change it to fit your body- in my grown up life I’ve had problems finding clothes to fit my 6 foot tall frame and my looooong arms.
Also the other model (Nomi Chi) is a good friend, and really talented artist. They’re a painter, illustrator, and tattooer (who works with my husband at Gastown Tattoo)

Tierney by Andi Satterlund

Pattern on Ravelry: Tierney

Designer: Andi Satterlund

Sizes Included: XS (S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X)

About the Pattern: I wanted a basic but not-too-plain cardigan with ¾-length sleeves and knit in a cool plant fiber. I chose Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy, a DK-weight cotton, hemp, and rayon blend; I picked out a stitch pattern that I had rejected for a previous project but still loved; and I got to work creating my new pattern Tierney! The cardigan is knit starting with the textured waistband, which is knit from side to side. I originally knit a swatch with this stitch pattern for a different project. That project was a bad match for it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and found the perfect home for it on Tierney. The stitch pattern is made up of eyelets and double-wrapped stitches, and it makes a really interesting dense-but-open fabric that has the right amount of structure for a waistband.

Last Note: When this pattern sample was still a work in progress, I took it on Vacation with me to Las Vegas, and all I could think about was how I wished I could have this cardigan finished and available to wear and something else to knit on because Tierney would have looked perfect with every outfit I packed. Since completing it, it’s quickly become a staple of my summer wardrobe.

Larking About by Dallas Ann Prentice

Pattern on Ravelry: Larking About

Designer: Dallas Ann Prentice of The Violet Pie

Photographer: Diana DeGarmo

Sizes Included:30 (32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50)” / 76 (81.5, 86.5, 91.5, 96.5, 101.5, 106.5, 112, 117, 122, 127) cm

About the Pattern: Summer is fairly awful for me. I sunburn in the shade, I can’t wear my hand knits, and the humidity makes it almost impossible to knit. I set out to create something, anything, to knit and also wear in the heat and also layer under linen button downs to protect my skin. It also needed to be made out of one skein for at least half the sizes. With all that in mind, Larking About nearly flew off my needles, and I met all my goals! 7 sizes only use 1 skein and I’ve already worn it a number of times to picnics, bonfires, and train adventures this summer without overheating!

Larking About is a classic bottom up design with an overall minimalistic approach. Since it’s worked seamlessly bottom up, it’s the perfect project to bring to your neighborhood block party or late summer bonfire. The tank is truly a year ’round piece if you layer it under jackets or sweaters during cold months, making it the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe.

Last Note: The title “Larking About” came because I had a weird dream about Flower from Bambi wearing my tank as she frolicked through a field.